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  Jinhua Fu Jiafu bags Co. Ltd. is a company that specialized in the production and sale of EVA and PE foaming materials, whose address is in the Jinxi Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, the fourth metropolitan area in Zhejiang Province.
    Main products of the company are EVA, PE black and white coiled materials, sheets, all kinds of color films, high shrapnel and fitness equipment materials, water and sporting goods, all kinds of garden kneeling pads, yoga mats, digital puzzles, etc. The products are widely used in: shoe materials, packing materials, composite fabric(s), stationeries and gifts, toys, bags and luggage, sporting equipments, etc.
    The company attaches importance to the talent, owns a high-quality professional management personnel and production operation team, and implements strict scientific management. The company can produce high-quality products of different color, hardness and density according to customers' requirements with advanced quality. The only purpose of the company is to produce the most excellent products and the company philosophy is “truth-seeking, pragmatic, innovative and honest”. We provide our customers with best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service. Jinhua Fujiafu Bag & Luggage Co., Ltd. is the well-known company in Jinhua garment, bag and luggage and hardware industry. If you are interested in the products and service of our company, please leave online message or consult by phone.

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